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mahfuj Cr7
31. Juli 2022
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The author analyzes the competitive products of Douguo Food from four levels: strategy layer, scope layer, structure layer and framework layer, and puts forward some suggestions for improvement. Experience mobile phone: iPhone 6S; Douguo experience version: (v6.9.38); Under the kitchen experience version: (v6.8.6). The following content has inappropriate analysis, please advise, thank you. 1. Background analysis 1. Choose a competitor At present, there are many applications of relevant recipes on the market, and the mode is relatively clear. Although there are many gourmet products such as: Xia Kitchen, Xiangha Recipe, Gourmet Master, Haodou Recipe, Daily Cooking, etc., Xia Kitchen is the first choice for gourmet products that are more mature in all aspects. At present, the first echelon is Xia Kitchen and Douguo Cuisine. Next, the next kitchen will be used as the object of competitive analysis of Douguo Cuisine. (Data source: iResearch) Second, the strategic layer Comparing the positioning of the two products, the positioning of the lower kitchen lies in the copyrighted recipes and dietary knowledge; nowadays, young people pay more and more attention to health preservation, and the role of dietary knowledge cannot be underestimated. Even if the recipe information is not rich enough, this is acceptable for those phone number list who love health care. The large amount of recipe information of Douguo Cuisine and the way to teach users how to cook easily are also a major feature of the company, which can also meet the needs of many users who like to constantly try food practices. 1. Users The following data comes from iResearch: (down to the kitchen) (Bean and fruit delicacies) The above picture shows that among the users of the two products, the main target users are between 25-35 years old, mainly women, and the people in this range have strong spending power. Such as: college students, urban white-collar workers, and housewives who have entered social work for a period of time. 2. User portrait Third, the scope layer The operation process of cooking after querying the recipe: The tasks involved in each link of the process are: How to check recipes: search, recommend recipes/notes, categorize, follow experts, recommend experts who may be interested, buy online courses; Select recipes: collections, pageviews, comments, time, difficulty of operation, teacher guidance, dining scene, crowd, appetite and other dimensions; Purchasing ingredients: query favorites, ingredient record lists, e-commerce purchases, offline supermarket purchases, coupons, points and other payment methods; Cooking by steps: text recipes, video recipes; Take pictures: upload recipes, upload notes, and share with friends.
Competitive Analysis: Bean and Fruit Food VS Down the Kitchen
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mahfuj Cr7

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